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From an hour long call to run through thoughts and ideas to longer term structured coaching and consulting, VP Consulting can provide insight and guidance support for delivering change and making difficult decisions.

Objective support.
Boosting organisational performance and effectiveness.
Building consensus and commitment.
Assisting implementation.
Facilitation organisational learning.
Providing business frameworks and case studies that have worked for other organisations.
Finding solutions and recommendations to business challenges.


Did you know?

Kaplan and Norton (2005) identified that the gap between ambition and performance of a company is caused by disconnect between strategy formulation and strategy execution. Kaplan and Norton (2005) found, (in American companies) that “95% of employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy”. Furthermore Galunic and Hermreck (2012) noted that other staff members need to hear opinion from managers, not solely from the leadership team.


98% of leaders believe that strategy implementation takes longer than srategy formulation (Jansen, 2016).

77% of successful companies have an established mechanism to translate their strategy into operative terms and evaluate it on a day to day basis (Jansen, 2016).

Jansen (2016) determined that the top three reasons strategy implementation is failing are

1) Poor communication

2) Lack of leadership

3) Using the wrong measures


“95% of employees struggle with strategy."


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How we can help


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